Future Plan
Future Plan

The Issue

Commercial sexual exploitation of children in the Asian region, mainly India, is becoming a rising trend. The economic growth in these regions have seen a major boom in the recent past and with it a sharp increase in the divide between the rich and the poor. The poor often people with little or no skills and often become hapless victims of human trafficking. Many of these victims are children, who are one of the softest targets for being sexually exploited. This abuse affects the very fibre of these children, affecting them not just physically but also wrecking them mentally and emotionally.

Their own families introduce most of these children to prostitution, while others are lured by promises of wealth, some are kidnapped, and all end up as sexual slaves. Because of abject poverty, families end up selling their children like they sell their cattle or poultry in order to survive. Many of these families rationalize this by assumptions that their children will then find work and not have to live in poverty. Those who do not cooperate are harassed, drugged, beaten, and raped. They are then thrown into brothels where they are further exploited. These children are forced to live under unhygienic and inhumane conditions barely acquiring even the minimal standard of living. About a dozen children have to survive in a 10 x 10 room. They are not provided with any medical help or checkups. They are forced to work round the clock and are excused only by the time when they are physically destroyed. Then they are dumped and left to die.



Our project is aimed towards stopping commercial sexual exploitation of children by various means. We are fighting for the children who are forced into such activities and are ruthlessly taken advantage of. Our first step is to create awareness among the people about the problem of commercial sexual exploitation of children by different mediums such as theatre, films, presentations, talks, internet, magazines, films and various other mediums.

Our action plan involves the following steps:

  • Recognition (of the problem)
  • Awareness (among masses)
  • The key focus areas in involve:
We wish to provide them with all the emotional, psychological and where required medical support, which shall in turn help them to grow up to be better human beings. This home will be a place where we can help re-integrate them into our society – our civil society. The home shall have a capacity for 500 children. We intend to provide them with better living conditions, proper education, good healthy food, medical check-ups, physical training, interactive workshops, vocational training and other means of entertainment. This can enable them to stand up on their own and secure a better future for themselves.

Awareness activities

Street plays, cultural programmes, speeches, audio visual presentations, documentary movies, a candle protest, and many others)


Donors to help provide for the costs of operation

Seminars Conferences and camps

The development and construction of a vocational training institution for young adults and the families of the underprivileged children