• If you see a child in distress, Call 1098 CHILDLINE Kanpur run by SUBHASH CHILDREN SOCIETY. CHILDLINE is a national, 24-hour, free, emergency telephone helpline service for children in need of care and protection. The CHILDLINE number 1098 is a toll free number that is common in all the cities of india. Initially started in Mumbai in June 1996, CHILDLINE is currently operational in 103 cities. CHILDLINE aims to reach out to the most marginalized children and provides interventions of shelter, medical, repatriation, rescue, death related, sponsorships, emotional support and guidance. Per day we are receiving 120 to 150 calls.

  • National child labour Program- We are runing 19 child Labour Schools in Kanpur, Merrut, Bareli, Muradabad and Badau dist. of UP. No of beneficiaries 950, prime aims is to prevent and rehablitate child labour by providing them, informal education and self employment training, counseling to parents and gurdians for the issue, formation of SHG of their parents, make awarness in society and we are rehablitating more than 400 child labour in every year.
  • Rehabilitation Project- The Children belonging from category of unsheltered, mentally retarded, sick, AIDS patients, children at railway platform by providing them shelter, fooding, education, health, entertainment and sports in Subhash Children Home 48 Quarter, Baba Kuti, Kanpur. Total No of beneficiaries being 200 in a year and average children are 25.

  • Education rehablitation- Project Subhash Children Academy is running a school at 19 Rajiv Vihar, Naubasta, Kanpur to provide adequate education, cunseling form their parents self help groups of the children of Daily wages labours, , shopkeepers, craftsmen, and stop their children to become child Labour and street children. Total No of beneficiaries being 150.
  • Target Intervention Project- For Truckers & Cleaners (Prevention & Awareness) Society recently started Target intervention project with the help of UPSACS in Meerut district. In which we are also running clinic for early detection of STI & provide medicine to them at cost price. We are also running awareness program through this project to aware for using condoms and information about HIV/AIDS and save their parents and no children become effect from this and lost their childhood.

  • Mid Day Meal Project with the object of ensure better attendence and their health we are providing more than 6000 students every day of government basic primary and junior school, Aided schools, Madrasa in Govind Nagar CRC of Kanpur district as per government norms and menus from last two years.

  • Vocational Training Programme Subhash training centre runs by society has got affiliation of RDAT Kanpur Department of Labour ministry Govt. of India. To provide vocational training and better employment in the field of Computer, Electrical, Febrication, Banking and accouting, Media, Garments manking, Refrizration of Aircondistioning to youth and needy people in affordable price in govt. affiliated curriculum and certificate.
  • Environmental Awareness Programs-Under this program, Seminar based on Environmental awareness, Conferences, Road shows, publishments are conducted to create Environmental Awareness in society along with Tree Plantation from time to time. With the help of Indian Environment Society from last 15 years.

  • Donate Used Products– under this program the organisation arranges used clothes, Toys, Magazines, Copies and Books and other used materials from the responsible & sensible citizens of Society, these are distributed among Women and Children in need to increase their financial resources and better living.

  • Child Rights Awareness Programs- Under this program Child Rights Awareness rallies, Seminars, Conferences are held. Apart from this sports competitions cultural programs, road shows are also organised, so that message of child rights could be spread among the people. child helpline having toll free no 1098 and various facilities provided to children. Programs like Children sports competition, street plays, puppet shows are organised and even published in news papers to create awareness and sensibility towards child rights in society and make child friendly environment.
  • Family Counsling Program- Under this program, considering the negative consequences and it will effect on children hailing from broken families the organization started a Family Saving Awareness program for which Seminar, Conferences are arranged to save disintegration between guardians and family members of the family.

  • Rehabilitation Program for Orphans-Under this program sponsors are invited to support the rehabilitate of children residing in Subhash Children Home in which 18000/- Rs per annum is given by sponsors to them for food, shelter, education and rehablitation while paying rupees 12,000 per month for educational sponsership etc.

  • Justice to Children and punishment for Guilty- To stop exploitation done to children and provide them justice, to punish the people who are exploiting them, various initiatives are taken by the organisation considering the incidents highlighted and also information received from other sources in media. For the same purpose National Child Commission, National Human Rights Commission and State human rights Commission support is also shought in many occasions by the organisation.
  • Foeticide awareness program - Under this program Foeticide related awareness rallies, seminars, conferences, children sports competitions , cultural programs , road shows are conducted to create awareness and sensibility among society in relation to above said subjects.

  • Cleanliness in Schools/Framing Eco Club Program- the organisation has made eco clubs in seventy schools of junior high and intermediate level school, 22 primary schools of 15 Gram Sabhas in "Maitha" development, Kanpur Dehat are framed with cleanliness clubs, They are being made aware by environmental and cleanliness related knowledge.

  • Referential Services- References are being provided to the children and their faimily in need toward various programs regulated by other, government and non government oragnisations projects.

  • Promotion for Adoption of Children- Adoption of orphans and children departed from their parents, 0-10 years by Subhash Children Adoption Centre under J. J. Act and Hindu Law Act to promote adoption among the people been to have child.
  • Distribution of clothes, Education, Consultancy, Health, Shelter and Family rehabilitation are being done for street children, children at railway platform, begging children, child labour and other children in need. Networking is being done among Schools, Social organizations, politicians, Businessmen's, Teachers, Trade Unions, to make various children programs effective.

  • Employment and Industrial Developmental Programs- Under this program children, Women and Youths are given 1-6 weeks Vocational training programs to make them self employed and self dependent.

  • Production and sales- Production and sales programs for poor families, Women and child labour to self earning through manufacturing Agarbatti, Jute products, Candles, Tea, Pickles, Papad, Dalia and other gram udyog products to increase their earning.
  • Program to train and inspire youth for social services-To ensure the maximum participation in active social developmental programs with positive attitude the youth are given tips by the organisation
  • Fund Raising Program - Resources and funds are being raised to fulfill the proceedings of projects from citizens to sponsor rehabilitation of orphans and shelter less children, collecting funds from school children, businessmen, shopkeepers, charity boxes, industrialist under social responsibility along with use of govt. and non govt. plan.

  • Program to award Subhash Bal Sewa to children performing excellently- To promote Chlild talent and encourage them for making them ideal citizens.

  • Subhash Cultural and awareness programs against Social Evils like Dowry, Child Marriage- In this program various programs are arranged to create awareness against these social evils at prominent places of city like roads, markets Schools and villages.

  • Programs of Honouring the respected citizens under this citizen are honoured and also seek their advice of several program - Under this program persons working excellently in SUBHASH SHREE SAMMAN. Till now Social worker Smt. Subhashini Mehrotra, Dada Lokeshwar Nath Saxena, Kamaljesh Dwivedi, Dr. Rameshwar Verma, Badrinarayan Tiwari are being Honoured by organisation